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Emerald Jewelry: Celebrate Memories in Pure Color

Custom Fine Jewelry in Southampton, PA 18966

Jewels by Alex is a jewelry company located in the Southampton Shopping Center 526 2nd Street Pike Southampton, PA 18966, specializing in custom-made bespoke jewelry crafted in our store. We design 75% of jewelry, assuring you will receive a truly unique piece.

Gemstone & Diamond Jewelry by Design

Have a hand in creating fine jewelry designs unique just for you, bringing your desired concept into reality with the expertise of a master jeweler. Select your preferred fine metal, diamonds, and gemstones, and easily create your dream diamond engagement ring, earrings, diamond pendant necklace, or other idea simply by choosing the options presented on our website.

We offer a personalized online shopping experience from start to finish. Contact us today about setting an appointment and any questions you may have.

Unique Emerald Jewelry at Your Fingertips

Emeralds are a very special precious gem, a must-have for the avid gemstone and jewelry enthusiast who adore their show-stopping beauty. These important green stones are widely available in rings, tennis bracelets, gold bands, and necklaces showcasing an endless variety of mountings and settings only defined by the imagination of the jeweler.

Emeralds are one of the most popular precious colored stones and are part of the “Big 3.” The Big 3 consists of sapphires, rubies (both of the mineral family corundum), and emeralds (mineral family beryl).

Did you know that emerald is a relative stone to morganite (pink), golden beryl (golden yellow), and aquamarine because they are part of the mineral family, beryl? Emerald is a stand-out stone because of its many positive attributes, setting it apart from all other semi-precious and precious gems in jewelry making.

Emeralds are highly sought-after for their distinctive green hue. Emeralds may appear as dark forest green, bluish-green, or yellowish-green, with various shades in between denoting their value and quality. Jewels by Alex only works with fine quality emeralds from reputable suppliers, exhibiting overall excellent saturation with desirable hues.

Emeralds rate 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them an excellent selection for an engagement ring or anniversary ring because it is relatively tough enough to withstand frequent wear. Taking care of your emerald jewelry is easy—bring it into our location for a professional assessment. Or, wash it with warm water mixed with mild soap, a soft brush, and pat dry at home for a quick debris removal.

Emerald is one of the designated birthstones for May but may replace birthstones in other months if preferred. Emerald is said to represent truth, commitment, and love, associated with the love goddess, Venus. Take a chance on mesmerizing vibrancy with an emerald engagement ring, customized and made to fit your statement style for your next special occasion.

Emerald Jewelry: Celebrate Memories in Pure Color

Make an elegant impression with our 18 Kt White Gold Ladies Emerald & Diamond Ring. An oval cut emerald nestles in 18k white gold complementing the halo cluster of diamonds, beautifully crafted in a high shine. Made to get noticed, yet sophisticated and refined, this 100% handmade diamond and emerald ring is perfect for an anniversary, engagement, or cocktail ring.

 Are you seeking a 100% handmade emerald and diamond ring exuding a classic vintage influence? Our 14 Kt White Gold Ladies Emerald & Diamond Ring features a smooth/buffed finish emerald oval cabochon, displaying its natural growth patterns filled with intrigue and excitement. Sparkling diamonds surround this emerald in a halo cluster, making it the ultimate luxurious gift for your beloved.

 Anniversaries should be honored in timeless luxury. Celebrate the most of your romantic moments by gifting 14 Kt White Gold Emerald And Diamond Necklace, a 100% handmade design. An emerald cut emerald and diamonds placed in a filigree openwork pendant suspended by a delicate chain make the perfect choice for your significant other.

Please visit our entire emerald jewelry selection by using the search engine on our website.

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We work with emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, diamond alternatives, ruby, quartz varieties, and so much more.

We are available 24/7 by email,,  or by phone, 215-364-3883, and will answer any questions promptly.

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